Provided Services

  • Architectural design, structural design, and plant design (heating and plumbing systems, heat cost allocators, air conditioning, CMV, photovoltaic systems, solar thermal systems, geothermal systems, sewer systems, rainwater harvesting, fire-prevention systems, electrical wiring, alarm systems, surveillance systems, and sound systems), in order to improve energy efficiency in buildings, Italian law 10/91, Energy Qualification Certificate, Energy Performance Certificate, ENEA papers, fire-prevention forms, INAIL certificate;
  • Design for restoration and redevelopment works;
  • Censuses for digital building management and assistance for global service management, using dedicated software;
  • Design of fall arresters and check on the existing systems;
  • Participation in tenders for the most economically convenient offer;
  • Construction site safety, Health and Safety Manager, health surveillance, papers concerning safety for companies;
  • Assistance for designing, supervision of works, and accounting with BIM methodologies;
  • Energy audits according to the UNI 11339 law, with civil and industrial thermographic building analyses;
  • Energy Management Expert (EME), advice on consumption monitoring and on the LEED protocol.

Main Areas of Intervention

Energetic and seismic requalification

Polo Progetti provides complete advice on the requalification of historic buildings, starting from preliminary diagnoses, carrying out technical and economic feasibility studies, evaluating costs and financial benefits, carrying out final and executive projects, providing assistance, and following the realization of the works through supervision and safety coordination.

Most economically convenient tenders

Assistance for participation in tenders with the most economically convenient offer is provided on a regular basis, verifying the results of the tenders and the improvements offered by other groups. The technical management of Polo Progetti selects the designers and firms that will form the design team from time to time, based on the needs of the call, coordinating them and making a single representative available to the company. Designers are used to working with this system, sharing working methods, design methods, and software.

Census of the building stock

The group provides its customers with up-to-date software for building management as for what regards both papers and maintenance work. Preliminarily, we can carry out mappings with laser scanners, 360 degree cameras, and return in BIM mode.

Working Method

Polo Progetti coordinates all the professionals of the group, guaranteeing an integrated designing process and allowing the development of efficient procedures. Specific competence is guaranteed by the presence of different professional skills, coordinated by a single contact person concurrently. The group provides customers with up-to-date hardware and software equipment, known and used by all members. The design is performed employing BIM (Building Information Modeling) methodologies, in order to guarantee efficient processes as for what concerns the designing and realization of the works and their management after delivery to the customer.


Polo Progetti currently groups eighteen different members among freelancers, associated firms, and companies that can count overall on 70 permanent employees with different skills.