About Us

Polo Progetti Cooperative Society is an engineering company pursuant to Article 46 of Legislative Decree no. 50/2016 (new Public Contracts Code). Our cooperative brings together individual professionals, professional firms, and service companies. The group was born out of the awareness that it is necessary to offer consulting services in addition to design, and that quality projects must be integrated, making different specialists work in a coordinated way at the same time.

La Nostra Storia

Polo Progetti was born from the conversion of Ecocires Soc. Coop. into an engineering company.

Ecocires was born in 2013 on the initiative of some designers and the Consorzio Cires Bologna Ferrara Soc. Coop.

The intent was to address interventions on existing buildings in a coordinated and comprehensive manner, paying particular attention to aspects of their energy requalification. Ecocires consisted of professional firms and companies operating in the building and plant engineering field and was able to manage interventions from the feasibility study stage to the global realization of the works.

After a few years, also due to the approval of the new procurement code with the substantial elimination of integrated tenders, Ecocires Cooperative decided to transform itself into an engineering company, changing not only the name to Polo Progetti but also its statute, excluding from its activities the physical implementation of the works.

For this reason, from the end of 2016 Polo Progetti provides consultancy, planning and services related to the world of construction, energy upgrading and seismic improvement of existing buildings.